Aleksej R.
The place is really nice overall. It's really spacious and has almost everything that you may need (except a dishwasher maybe). The whole neighborhood is pretty quiet. But children from a nearby school may be a bit noisy in the mornings. A tram station is 5 minutes away. It'll take you 15-20 minutes to get to the city center on a tram. There are several shops and cafes around. Nothing too fancy though. Among not so great things are glass doors that look great but provide pretty bad sound isolation. The lighting is too dim (it gives you a nice romantic environment but it's not so convenient to read for example). The brightest thing is that the staff is always here to help with any questions or problems. They are really nice and reply quickly.
Barbora H.
Pěkný pobyt, děkujeme.
Jaakko P.

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With a huge variety of pubs, bars, restaurants and bistros throughout the area, Žižkov is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Prague. Even so, you don't have to worry about the evening noise, as this is a largely residential area. Žižkov is famous for the iconic Žižkov TV Tower, which you can see from various locations throughout the city, and the National Monument on Vítkov hill with its beautiful views.